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Multigenerational Curriculum Comparison Chart

Overwhelmed with your curriculum options? Let us help!
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Weaving Faith Into Today's Families

Learn Biblical truths and strengthen your family's faith with FaithWeaver Now!


Cokesbury offers a robust selection of curriculum for churches and groups of any size. Suitable for Sunday school classes, you will find a variety of offerings for ChildrenYouthAdult, Multigenerational, and a variety of VBS options. 

Cokesbury also offers a diverse selection of multigenerational curriculum for churches and groups of any size. We often learn best when we learn together—both old and young, seasoned, and novice. Find a rich selection to help guide your experience with meaningful lessons for your multigenerational Sunday school class or small group. Inspire participants and help them relate Scripture to their daily lives.

Echoes Sunday School Literature is one of the most widely used resources in the African American Church today and has been for over 25 years. A derivative of Bible-in-Life curricula, Echoes is reaching many denominations and churches. Churches looking to grow as a family will testify that these resources are relevant, biblically sound, applicable to everyday living situations and contain culturally relevant topics and African American imagery for all age levels, Toddler through Adult.

FaithWeaver NOW is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for infants through adults. The three-year scope & sequence covers the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Each quarter goes through 13 sequential Bible events so families get a snapshot of the Bible timeline.

Bible in Life is a curriculum for all ages – toddler to adult. Select by age level or provide one solution for all. Unified themes for Preschool through High School. Adult follows the Uniform Lesson Series – ISSL’s 6-year cycle covering all major Bible themes.

The Wesley Adult Bible Study is written and edited by the Wesleyan Theological Editors Board that includes a team of pastors, scholars, and experienced Bible teachers. The studies maintain a thoroughly Wesleyan-Arminian approach to biblical interpretation and Christian living, emphasizing the reality that we can become holy as God is holy. Practical application of biblical truth leading to life-transformation is the hallmark of the Wesley Adult Bible Curriculum.

RH Boyd Commentary, designed to be a resource for your planning and preparation as a director, teacher, or student, is filled with scholarly yet practical descriptions and explanations for 21st Century Christians. Readers of faith will find the Boyd Commentary useful in their development of increased wisdom and insight (Proverbs 4:7) for walking in the way of Christ.

Make the most of your time by easily finding the products you need. Cokesbury carries a wide range of faith-based products—including Biblesbooks, and curriculum on Christian teachings and theology, and church supplies—whose quality and content you can trust, packaged with care, and shipped to you fast.


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